Meet The Team

Jen - Treatment Coordinator

Hello, I am Jen! The majority of my career has been spent in the legal field. My career change has been a great transition, especially because of the patients. I enjoy meeting, and speaking with, each and every one of you. I started working for Dr. James in 2020 and absolutely love being a treatment coordinator and the awesome team I get to work with. As a treatment coordinator, my goal is to provide comfort, and knowledge to ensure your journey into your new smile is a smooth and pleasant one! I had braces as a child, both of my children have had orthodontic treatment, and I am currently in treatment with Invisalign (wear your retainers!). I am fortunate to have been in most of your situations, so can relate (whether you’re a child starting out, a parent seeking treatment for your child, or back for additional treatment). I look forward to you becoming a member of our family!

Nicole - Patient Manager/Clinical Coordinator

Hi, my name is Nicole! I have been an orthodontic dental assistant since 2013. Creating beautiful, long lasting smiles is a passion of mine. Since joining the team here at Dr. Amy James and Associates, that passion has only grown. We utilize all of the latest technologies and really focus on continuing education. All of our patients here feel more like family and I love that about our practice!

When I am not in the office you can find me at the beach! I grew up down the shore and still have strong roots there. There is nothing better than spending time with family and good friends near the water. I look forward to meeting you in the office!

Jordan - Practice Administrator

Hi, my name is Jordan and I am the Practice Administrator. I’ve been working with Dr. James since March 2015. You will often find me in various places around the office, ensuring everything is running as smoothly as possible. I have worked in an orthodontic practice since I was 16 years old, so you can say this field is my passion and what I know best. My goal is to ensure our team, as well as our patients and their families have the best experience with our office. Your feedback is valuable and always accepted to ensure we continue to be the best we can be for our patients and our community.

Outside of work, I enjoy doing life with my beautiful wife, Jessica, and equally beautiful daughter, Eloise. I enjoy being outdoors whenever possible: fishing, hiking, camping and traveling.

Melissa - Patient Coordinator

Hello, I am Melissa! I am new to the team and excited to be here! As patient coordinator, I am your first contact in the office and I am always happy to help. I am starting my orthodontics treatment in the near future, it’s a journey we’ll be on together. In my time here, I have begun getting to know our existing patients, meet new ones and love how it feels like family.

Most of my professional background is in culinary, office and retail management. I’ve spent decades in the equestrian field and taught riding lessons to children, teens and adults in various cities along the east coast. I earned my skydiving license in 2008. I have advanced martial arts training and love adventure!

Shalea - Patient Manager

Hello, my name is Shalea. I have been a dental assistant for 19 years and an orthodontic assistant since 2009. Seeing smiles transform and the light it brings to patients’ eyes is one of the highlights of my career. I’m proud to be a part of an amazing team of professionals and work in an environment that promotes continuous education and modern innovations. 

When not in the office I enjoy spending time with my husband and our three daughters aka my built in besties. Trips to the beach, amateur bird watching, family game night and gardening are amongst some activities I also enjoy.

Casey - Patient Manager

Hi, I’m Casey! I’ve been in the dental world since 2018. I have recently changed from general dentistry to orthodontics. Working with the awesome team at Dr. Amy James and Associates has made that transition so much easier. Each day I am excited to go to work and change people’s smiles and confidence for the better. There is no better feeling than watching a patient look at themselves in the mirror after they’ve fully completed their treatment. 

When I am not at work you can find me walking my goldendoodle, Gus around Collingswood with my husband. If I’m not walking my dog, I am more than likely at a local restaurant, sipping wine on my couch, or relaxing by my pool! 

Carole - Financial Coordinator

Hi! I’m Carole. I am the Financial Coordinator. I have been doing medical billing for 30 years and I’ve been in medical billing for over 30 years….and that proved to be very helpful navigating orthodontic insurance! I look forward to helping everyone with all your insurance and financial questions. When not at the office, I love doing yoga and meditation. Eating healthy and living clean is also a passion of mine. My husband Mike and I enjoy spending time in Florida anytime we can. We have three grown children with beautiful smiles, thanks to Dr. James.

Elizabeth - H.R. Coordinator

Hi, I’m Elizabeth, the Human Resources Coordinator, secluded away upstairs in the office. I’ve known Dr. James since the day she was born and love working with this awesome team. Orthodontics became a second career for me, after retiring as a Nursing Supervisor from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

I live with my husband, Robert; 2 rat terriers, Karma and Mikey Rowe; and 22 no-name chickens on our Almosta Farm in Mullica Township. Organic gardening and raising organic chickens and eggs are my passion, hobby, and pleasure, as I try and practice sustainable living and farming.

Savannah - Clinical Assistant

Howdy! I’m Savannah. I am a clinical assistant. I help with taking photos, digital scans, and x-rays of your face and smile to create a treatment plan and track your progress. I can’t wait to meet you on your first step of your orthodontic journey!

I began seeing Dr. James as a patient in 2013, and graduated from braces in 2016. My experience with Dr. James and our assistants is credible for my confidence in my smile and passion for working with our patients. 

When I’m not sterilizing the office, I am watching true crime shows with my cat Sandor or trying out a new sushi restaurant. See you soon!

Kavé - Happiness Advocate

Kavé is our office dog. He is a Hungarian hunting dog called a Vizsla. His name means “coffee” in Hungarian. He hardly sheds and will lean on you if you pet him. He is a sniffer of treats and the smell of kitties on your jacket. He loves to run in Crows woods and will bring you a toy or ball to play with if you ask him to.