Foods To Avoid

Most foods are totally safe to eat with braces as long as you make sure to brush well and floss your whole mouth when you are done. However, some foods should be avoided entirely since they can get stuck between the wires or damage your braces.

Foods You Should Avoid Eating

Sticky foods like caramel should be avoided when you have braces since they can damage the braces and even break the wires. The same goes with hard foods, like nuts and taco shells. You should also make sure that you are avoiding hard cookies, crackers, and candies when you have braces because biting into these foods could result in damage to your braces and an emergency orthodontist appointment. Go with softer varieties of these foods to keep your mouth healthy and prevent any damage to your braces.

Foods You Need To Take Special Care When Eating

While some foods should be completely avoided, other foods can still be eaten as long as you adjust the way you eat them. These foods should be cut up into smaller pieces or prepared differently if you are going to eat them with braces. Consider taking fresh, crisp fruits, like apples, and fresh, crunchy vegetables, like carrots, and cutting them into bite-sized pieces before eating them. If you love corn on the cob, you can still eat it the corn if you cut it off of the cob before eating it. Chewy breads should also be cut or torn into smaller pieces so that you are not using your teeth to pull apart the bread..

If you are careful, you can eat most things with braces. There are only a few things you should avoid entirely to keep your braces strong and your teeth healthy.